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Monday, 20 April 2015

Hello! Sorry I have been quiet over the past few days, I have been a busy bean and been working a lot, boohoo! 

I find when I work a lot and wear lipstick all day, my lips get very dry, so these are my saviours so I thought I would let you in on my favourites.

A few weeks ago, I was really struggling with sore lips, and I found that good ol' vaseline just wasn't cutting it, these are the products I found helped a lot and now my lips are fine!

Nivea Lip Butter- This little pot is perfect for on the go and I usually keep it in my back pocket to pop some on when I am working. I really like their skin care as it is gentle to skin whilst being super moisturising. This lip butter contains shea butter and almond oil, for intensive moisture which soothes sore lips and keeps them lovely and cared for. At only £2 a tin, it's a bargain for combatting chapped lips.

Elizabeth Arden Intensive 8 Hour Balm- When I was my most desperate for a good lip balm I went into boots and begged them to get me the best lip balm they had. They convinced me this was the one and I brought it desperately hoping it would work! The balm is incredible for moisturising intensely and quickly. It smells lovely, when popped on your lips it feels like it cools them and is perfect for before you apply your lipstick to make sure it doesn't dry your lips out and keeps them moisturised all day. But is a bit more pricey- like I said, desperate times call for desperate measures. But it is so worth it, it's a miracle product!

Lush Bubblegum Lip scrub- Not only does this smell amazing, it leaves your lips smooth as a, um, a smooth thing. When your lips are chapped, lipstick doesn't look great, and being someone who can't live without lipstick, this is a lip saviour! It is a sugar scrub which 'buff' your lips, exfoliating the dead skin *ew* off your lips, to make them all ready to go for lipstick- woohoo, and it tastes super good too! 

I use these products everyday, they are products I would buy again and again, but am always open to recommendations as lipstick and lip balm come hand in hand in my opinion. So, what do you use? 

Now, time to get back to work whilst simultaneously day dreaming about writing future blog posts...

Kiss kiss, 

B xxxx

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