A very special baby shower ♡

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

    I met these two beauties whilst working with them last year, we instantly became friends, and were constantly being told of for talking too much or being mischievous when we were meant to be working. Shortly after leaving the job, Hanna found out she was pregnant! Elsie and I were so excited! We instantly made ourselves honorary aunties and vowed to be this bub's best buddies. Quickly came her baby shower, and along with lots of presents we arrived at Hanna's for a day of getting excited/ prepared for this little ladies arrival. 

 It goes without saying that we shovelled endless amounts of pink cake into our mouths, whilst discussing future plans for bubba. I just know Hanna is going to be fabulous mummy and will never be short of friends offering to babysit!  

As Hanna is due to give birth in June, I brought her some baby outfits from Next (you couldn't stop me as soon as I found out she was having a girl) from the Daisy-chain collection. Including these adorable dungarees, daisy print leggins and a yellow summer dress. I also stocked her up with dribble bibs from Jojo Maman Bebe (essential-I am told) I can't wait to see little bub in them in the summer, for picnics, walks etc.

As Hanna is the first of our friends to have a baby, we are beyond excited! No doubt bubba will bring endless amounts of happiness to our lives! So be prepared for soppy baby posts. One last note- I am super proud of my chummy and have endless kisses for her and bubba.

See you tomorrow, for a new post!

Love B xxx

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