Sunday, 5 April 2015

So, um, hi everyone! After, trying and failing multiple times to construct any type of blog that actually looks nice, I have finally achieved something that is acceptable! Although it did take me all day, and I cheated and brought a pre made theme, but hey!
Recently, I have been making a couple of Youtube videos, but my oh my, I find it so difficult to be myself and talk properly to a camera... And lets just say I have a lot to say, so alas this blog is born!
When I told my mum I was trying to create a blog, she responded with "what would you talk about?" WELL, anything and everything. Lifestyle, beauty, my adventures and whatever I find mildly interesting that I could harp on about to you lovely lot.

So join me in this little bloggin journey who knows what will happen, aye!?


B xxx


  1. I'm the same B,
    I think this is my third attempt at blogging I only started again back in March and already it's doing better then the others did so hopefully onwards and upwards for the both of us.
    I hope your blog does well lovely.


  2. Also I've just subscribed to your you tube channel. I'm looking forward to watching your videos with a nice cup of tea later on


    1. ooooh thankyou very much! feeling all giddy now! :) XXX