Day trip to Brighton♡

Friday, 10 April 2015

A few weeks ago, on a very windy British day, my mum and I packed up the car to visit my auntie Gill and cousin James who live 'up north'. Which led to lots of wine drinking and shopping (not at the same time) but also to Brighton. I had never been to Brighton, but dare I say it, I bloody loved it! We live in Cornwall, so this was kind of like a city but with Cornwall vibes... I said kind of! As in there was sea, and seagulls looking like their about to pinch anything that resembles food. We did all the tourist-y things like The Lanes, The Palladium and The Pier. And maybe not the so tourist-y things, like, looking into every hairdressers trying to find Chris and Stephen from Gogglebox. We didn't find them if you were wondering... 

I will definitely be returning soon, but avec best friend, to eat ice-cream cones and prance around in front of the beach huts.

Also had a cheeky Mac purchase (as we don't have them down here in Cornwall).

Over and Out,

B xxx

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  1. Brighton looks AMAZING I have always wanted to go their for a visit,
    The photos are stunning :-)