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Monday, 13 April 2015

Now that the sun has finally made a appearance, I couldn't resist getting some new sunglasses! This season, H&M have really brought out the bacon (is that a real life expression?), their range of spring/ summer accessories are gorgeous! I went for these cat eyed framed glasses which have a retro look to them. I think they are bloody lovely! H&M also have a range of coloured frames, and i have my eye on a mint green pair too! Their accessories are reasonably priced too, most of their sunglasses range from £4.99 - £7.99- this pair were £5.99- bargain!

Whilst on my spring spree, I also found this gorgeous flower crown. They had a few, with different colour ranges, the orange and purple one just screamed festival to me, so naturally it went straight into my basket. 

Let the sun continue shining and the shopping commence!

Find me prancing about on a beach with flower crown on pretending to be some sort of sun fairy.



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