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Friday, 24 April 2015

I have been posting quite a bit over on Instagram this week and thought I would make this a weekly thing, show you what I am up to when I am not rambling on about mascara. 

1- Keep Going. I had a bit of a bad time last week, I had a drunken phone call from an ex boyfriend (never what you want to hear) and my sister is being a bit distant recently which was getting me down. I found this little quote over on Pinterest. It reminded me not to dwell in things that bring you down, and even though can be tough sometimes you need to keep going in order to live through happier times. As there is always something waaay better waiting for you around the corner. Of course everyone can get down sometimes but always remember what doesn't break you makes you stronger.

2- Icecream! This is me and my best friend Emily, we rarely see each other because we are so busy with working different shifts, but we had a few hours to catch up, so we spent it in the sun, licking ice creams and chatting. 

3- Cat shoes! Don't you love them?! I actually got these from Next, and because I have such tiny feet, I managed to get them from the children's section. But they are great, I have seen these all over Instagram recently, so naturally had to get a pair myself. This little picture was taken when I went on a mission to HobbyCraft and they had decorated the walkway with chalk, beautiful!

4- Cupcake heaven. It has become some what of a tradition where I meet up with two of my friends, we laze around in big squishy sofas and eat cupcakes and drink tea all afternoon. This cafe is really sweet and reminds me of the Friend's cafe. Their cupcakes are incredible, Hanna and I went for the jammy dodger and the chocolate orange ones. This meeting was extra special for us, because Hanna is due to give birth in a matter of weeks, so the next time we are scoffing down cakes, we will be joined by a little bubba!

5- Chin Chin! The weather has been beautiful here recently, our family friends spontaneously had a garden party, where we had prosecco as the last of the evening sun went down. It was lovely, and made me dupe excited for summer to really commence.

6- Blossom. Spring = Blossom, and our garden is no exception. It looked beautiful yesterday just as the sun was going down so I quickly snapped a picture to remember how happy and wonderful everything is when you look closely and take time to appreciate the little things.

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Thanks for reading, see you again soon,

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