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Monday, 6 April 2015

Hello you lovely lot! 
I redecorated my room recently, filling it with my favourite art, photographs and books, making it much more minimal and 'grown up'. After spending many hours on pinterest, I was hooked on the idea of a picture wall, over the years I have collected art from galleries, friends and pieces I have done myself (yes you are looking at an art student here) so I thought I would just get them all framed, along with some of my favourite photographs. I chose a mix of white and black frames, picked up from various shops like B&Q, home base and ikea.
Above- Lamp from home base,
Photoframe- homebase
Orange postcard- Paperchase. 
My gorgeous sausage dog on a moped is from a lovely lady on Esty, her shop is called 'FabFunky', isn't he great? I couldn't resist! And my little yeti is from a shop in Brighton, by an illustrator called Wolff&Badger. My two square frames in white and black are from Ikea, they were about £3 each!?! I filled them with Instagram photos which I had printed from Photobox. Just peeping into the photograph is a sign I got from Sass and belle, which reads 

 'Enjoy the little things', a saying I live by, as I           believe on making the most of every situation and life is what you make it. In front of my 'art wall' is a book shelf from Ikea, which used to be dark brown but I painted it with cream chalk paint. Sitting on top, is this little guy "Polly, who is a keen naturist, but knows there is a time and  a place". She is a 'RubyRuth' doll, and last summer I worked in a gallery where we had lots of these quirky little dolls, and she ended up coming home with me! Alongside her is, well, a sheep, from my best friend's baby shower. A porcelain bottle, which I got when I went to a contemporary art festival last year- by Boop Design. A White Company candle- which is too expensive to burn... oops! A vase from Next, sadly without flowers in, boohoo. And yet another frame, this one was from home base, featuring photographs of my family, and my best chummy. I am super proud of this part of my room and everyday I admire it.
Underneath my random selection of things, is my bookcase, I am a real bookworm, and my aim is to read 50 books this year. No doubt you will see more of books in a future blog post! And who's bookshelf would be complete without Harry Potter!? Currently I am reading 'The Humans' by Matt Haig, which I keep on my 

bedside table, along with my diaries from Cath Kidston.
And lastly, avoiding my seriously cluttered wardrobe, is my bed (where this blogpost is being broadcast from) These fairy lights are from Ikea, along with my bed sheets. The wicker heart and the psycho sign were both presents so not sure where they are from. 
But this is my room! (minus the clutter and cat on the floor) hope this has inspired some of you on how to decorate your room whilst keeping things quite simple. 

Cheerio for now,

B xxx


  1. Love you pictures on your wall very unique :-).
    Your post has given me inspiration to do something similar to my own room.
    Love your fairy lights I have something similar above my bed I think they make a room look lovely and homely.



  2. Your room is lovely, I was also wondering what template your blog is? Its really lovely! xxx