Spring Nail Varnish ♡

Sunday, 12 April 2015

I am really getting into the spring summer vibes at the moment! And these are my top picks for spring- y nails. 

Topshop- Forsaken
Barry M- Shocking Pink
Collection- Baby Blue

I am loving these pastel shades as well as the bright pink, teamed up with a floral top or dress- they look lovely and really pop. 

Forsaken from Topshop is a really pretty pale purple colour, I have also teamed this nail varnish up with glitter nail varnish to make it ultra funky.
What nail varnish are you wearing this season?! 


B, xxx

P.s are my fingers wrinkly?

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1 comment

  1. Hey B,

    I love your nails with the glitter on they look so pretty.
    What glitter nail polish is that?

    I think your fingers only look wrinkly because the photo has been taken up close :-).
    I think everyones nails would look the same.