The Liebester Awards

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Well, I have been nominated for The Liebester Awards by The Chronic Dreamer, thankyou honey! I only opened up my little corner of the internet a week ago, so I am shocked people are even reading my ramblings about nail varnish and cookies!
The Liebester Awards allows the smaller blogging community to find new blogs and enable us to grow! The nominees are bloggers with under 200 followers, so this allows people to find your blogs and maybe hit the follow button! Woohoo *virtual high five*

According to the rules, you must answer 11 questions that your nominator sets!
So here is mine- thankyou Saria!

1. Why do You blog? 
I had been trying my hand at Youtube videos, just to pass the time, I really love makeup and love a good tutorial so thought I would do it myself. You can watch those videos here. But I do find it difficult to film regularly and get embarrassed talking to a camera, so, I fancied giving blogging ago, as I have a lot to say and enjoy reading other's blogs! (Also I can do it in my pyjamas with a cup of tea) I love the community it comes with, like lots of friends!

2. What's Your favorite complement?
Hmm, I am not sure I have a favourite complement, obviously everybody loves to be told they look good. But I love it when people tell me I am 'fun' or 'weird'- because who wants to be normal! Someone told me I was normal once and I nearly cried. Pah! I just try and remain happy and if I too can make other people happy- that is a pretty good complement!

3. Where would Your ideal vacation be?
After excessively reading through The Londoner's blog posts about The Maldives, I would have to say there, it looks bloody fabulous! With endless white beaches and bright blue sea- it looks like paradise. There is no question, please take me there!

4. What is Your dream career?
To be honest, I wish I knew the answer to this! I have changed my mind a million times! I left college last year, with no real ambition of what I wanted to do, I have applied to university twice- to study Art and then Teaching- But backed out both times, as I knew it wasn't what I really wanted to do. I currently work in retail- and I love it, it's not what I want to do forever, but I am pretty happy right now. As long as I am a happy bean, I don't mind what I am doing.

5. What was Your weirdest habit as a kid?
I never used to like breakfast food- I am still not keen. So I used to eat pickled onions. Yep, true story, yo.

6. What is Your go-to make up look?
I filmed my every day makeup routine HERE. I go for a full coverage liquid foundation with SPF, either the Estee Lauder Double Wear or the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hours. With a pressed powder to set it in place, lots of mascara- usually Maybelline Colossal mascara, maybe with a touch of white eyeliner. Then a light blush and highlight, and a bright lip. I love wearing hot pink on my lips with simple eye makeup. Looks great and lasts all day, perfect for work!

7. Would You rather own a dog or a cat?
A cat! Although, I would rather have both. But as I write this, I have my cat precariously balanced on my lap with my laptop, so she wins. 

8. What's Your favorite Holiday?
I love Christmas, the build up to it, going to Christmas markets, wrapping up warm and drinking hot chocolates. And of course there is the Christmas shopping and getting the Christmas tree looking beautiful. It is when all the family comes together and has a jolly good knees up! Although, boxing day sales is a bit of a nightmare when you work in retail!

9. Breakfast, Lunch, Coffee, or Dinner Date?
Start with a coffee date, then lunch, then dinner, then breakfast? A dinner can be abit intimidating if it is your first date, because that means you have a whole load of dilemmas to deal with - what to wear, what shall I eat that won't go all over my face/ make me look bloated, what if I drink too much wine and fall over, and no escape route if it all goes tits up! Coffee date is a safe choice, which could extend to a lunch date. I've got this sussed ladies!

10. What was Your favorite TV Show growing up?
It has got to be F.R.I.E.N.D.S, my sister and I watched this religiously when we were younger, and when it finished, we had the box set brought for us, and it was played on loop basically everyday. So much so, the dvd's don't even work anymore! I can tell you I have probably seen every episode at least 20 times each, and I can probably name what happened in every episode. I don't think I should be proud of this, but you did ask!

11. Who is Your female role model?
 I would have to say, Carrie Hope Fletcher. She is so inspirational, to remain positive and be happy! I aspire to be more confident and follow my dreams- Carrie is just like everyone's best friend!

And here's my nominations! 

If You guys wish to participate in this award, the rules are as follows:
1. Thank your nominator in a post and leave a link to their blog.
2. Answer the 11 questions that your nominator has set.
3. Nominate from 5 to 11 new 200-or-less-follower blogs with their links.
4. Set Your own list of questions (be creative!).
5. Let Your nominees know about their awards by leaving them comments on their blogs.

And here is my questions for you beauties to answer...

1, What inspired you to start blogging?
2, What is your camera do you use for photography for your blog?
3, Who are your favourite bloggers?
4, What one thing could you not live life without?
5, Who is your favourite fictional character?
6, What is your favourite thing to blog about?
7, Favourite drug store beauty product?
8, Where would you love to travel?
9, What is your dream job?
10, Top things to do to relax?
11, Meaning behind your blog name?

Lets all get following and share the love!

Kiss kiss, B xxx


  1. Loved the answers! ^_^ Proud of Us noobs haha!! *high five*

    SJay // The Chronic Dreamer | A Lifestyle Blog

  2. Haha yes what sort of compliment is "normal"?! Great answers :)

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  3. Hey B,
    I was just leaving you a comment to say that I had nominated you for the Liebster blog awards when I saw that someone has already nominated you.
    I also saw that you nominated me so thanks so much for that