Berlin Part 1 ♡

Wednesday, 13 May 2015


If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you will know that I went to Berlin for the week. I went with my mum and my auntie Gill, to do some sightseeing and well, eating. 

On Tuesday morning we woke up really early, packed up the car and drove up to Gatwick where we almost missed our flight and found ourselves running to board, eventually hopping on (although we were the very last people- even after the staff, oops) And two hours later we touched down in Berlin, how exciting!

Other than London, I have never been on a city holiday before, so we had lots of museum visits and tourist-y things planned for the week.

On the first day we wondered around the Jewish Museum, I must mention we did the whole thing backwards, by mistake (my mistake) as we started at the finish. The museum is a massive modern building, with lots of crooked and dark spaces, designed by Daniel Libeskind. The design is open to interpretation, but alludes to the holocaust and the absence of Jews in modern day Germany. 

 We also went to the Berlin Cathedral, which is next to the television tower. You can go to the top of the Cathedral to look out, which is blooming scary, so I only managed to stay up there for 5 minutes.

Don't I look so serious lighting a candle...

Berlin is such a laid back peaceful city, compared to London, which is so busy and fast paced. It is also pretty small, so in 5 days we managed to see most of the city, which made it so much more worthwhile. 

We were such tourists, there was no hiding the fact as my mum carried around a bloody huge camera...

She is a photographer, so her pictures are amazing, so I will forgive her.

This was the concert hall, next to the French Cathedral. This is was just five minutes walk from our hotel, so we came here most nights to eat as there was lots of restaurants in the square.

On this day, our first day, there was a street performer creating bubbles, which looked lovely.

Here I am sat in the middle of the square, filming a time lapse of the bubbles. I am hoping to create a little video of my trip to Berlin, I am yet to look through the footage, I didn't film a lot as we were on the move all day and I am still a shy bean when it comes to filming.

And lastly for part one of my little trip, is the three of us, stopping for a wine/ coffee break. A lot of wine was consumed on this trip, we thought of ourselves as 'European' and 'Cosmopolitan'. Very fancy! My sunglasses are from H&M, I wrote a blog post about my love for them HERE :)

I hope you enjoyed my blog post on Berlin, there are more blogposts to come so make sure you follow me on Bloglovin' to see them.

Also let me know in the comments if you have been to Berlin and what you enjoyed doing whilst you were there, if not I hope I have inspired you!

Lots of love,

B xxx


  1. wow nice post and I am so in love with your blog in general! :D I hope to hear more from you soon, because I will definitely come back and read your future posts! Keep up the great work, I'm a fan! :)

    xoxo Ana

  2. Wow thankyou so much!! I am so glad you like it!! Will be posting more as soon as I can :) xxxx