Berlin Part 2 ♡

Friday, 15 May 2015

Hello lovely bloggers!

Thankyou for coming back to read part two of my adventure in Berlin 

The above photographs are in front of the remains of the Berlin Wall. This was my favourite part of the trip, I am a massive lover of art, but especially street art. I studied art for 7 years and was always intrigued by street art, here in England street art is banned and usually has negative stigma attached to it, but it is so skillfull and beautiful in my opinion. So naturally, I fell in love with the  colourful art of the Berlin Wall.

The Berlin Wall stood for 28 years, a barrier between East and West Germany. 136 people died trying to cross the barrier, guards were instructed to kill anyone trying to cross the barrier as they were considered traitors. This was happening up until 1989, that is insane! After the wall was demolished, some parts of the wall were kept to show how awful and horrific it was. The wall was an open canvas for street artists and now what is left is a beautiful gallery of graffiti.

Wow-ee sorry for the essay!

If anyone knows what this is, please tell me!

These guys were playing next to the wall, and they were incredible! I could have listened to them for hours, I am trying to find them on Youtube for you! I took a few clips of them playing, so I will try and get them uploaded for you too.

Berlin has so many modern buildings, the city was practically demolished during the war, so most of the buildings are new, but the architecture is incredible! But nestled away on back streets and lanes are sweet little cafe's selling tea and homemade cakes (an obvious winner for me). At this little café we stopped for pancakes, and I was so hungry I demolished them before I could even get my camera out! Sorry! But they were Nutella and banana, de-licious!

You may have seen on My Week On Instagram blog post, that I fell in love with the interior design shops in Berlin! They were so dreamy! I just wanted to take it all and plonk it into my house.

We also went to visit the Jewish Memorial, or the Holocaust Memorial. It creates a very chilling and uneasy atmosphere when you are walking around, and the concrete slabs are all varied in height, which makes you feel unsteady as you walk around. This, again, is open to interpretation. The simple design conveys the horror of the holocaust, without it telling you to. If you see what I mean, there are no names, no stats, no pictures, just grey concrete slabs. If you visit Berlin, I think it is essential you visit this memorial to understand the horrific crime of World War 2.

Berlin has certainty seen it's share of dark days! 

It is such a beautiful city, I am so lucky to have gone and experienced it. Next on my list is Amsterdam. If anybody has any recommendations for Amsterdam please leave them in the comments as I need to get planning :)

I hope you managed to stay to the end of the post- twas a long one!

So if you did here is a kiss from me, mwah!

See you soon!

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  1. That street art is just insane!!!