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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

(This post comes to you as I eat party rings, drink tea and listen to 'Uptown Girl'- that's how I roll when I blog)

This past week has been a week of getting back into work and catching up with life, whilst reminiscing about my holidays.

1- Berlin Wall Graffiti. I wrote up a blog post about my love of the wall and its colourful graffiti here, so I won't ramble on too much about that, I just loved this snap, all the colours and scribbles were definitely worth an Instagram!

2- Everything's better with tea and cake. Now this, this is what I live by- this is not something I need to explain, most of my blogposts come to you, whilst I am drinking tea. I read 'The Humans' by Matt Haig recently, where he talks about the concept of tea, "Tea seems to make everything better, used in times of crisis as a means of restoring normality."

3- Prancing around in Berlin. My mum took this photo without me realising but I love it. There was a man using massive hoops to create bubbles and it looked amazing, I actually managed to film some of it, which I used in my latest Youtube Video. If I am not drinking tea, you can find me prancing around somewhere instead.

4- Iphone 6 selfies. I am a bit late to join the iPhone6 party, but as I was due to change my contract I just went for it! I really really love it, I previously had the 4S, but the 6 camera is incredible, so I haven't stopped taking photographs on it since I got it! Which is great as a blogger, so now I don't need to take my camera around with me, as this phone takes great shots by itself!

5- Afternoon tea date with my bestie. I wrote a whole blogpost on this, which you can read here. This afternoon was so lovely, where we just chatted, had lots of laughs and discussed future plans, the best type of afternoon.

6- Tea anyone? I just loved this picture too much not to post, I was snorting with laughter when Emily took this photograph. My crazy trousers are from Next, you can't miss me when I am wearing these, also what you can't see, is that my hoodie is fluro orange, I was a walking eye ache.

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B xxx

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