Perfect Fragrance- Handbag Edition.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

I don't know about you, but I love keeping a small bottle of perfume in my handbag at all times, just for an on the go spritz. 
Also, I am off to Berlin (I will be there when you are reading this) and needed small bottles of perfume to pop into my hand luggage.

And here you have, my chosen ones. I usually love the Body Shop fragrance mists, but they are too big to take with me. These tiny bottles are perfect, Paradise is 50ml and Sunshine is only 30ml!

The Library of Fragrance has an amazing range of perfumes, you can literally smell of anything (even apple pie). I partially liked 'Gin and Tonic' and 'Mango' too! But settled on 'Sunshine' because it has a fresh sweet smell, I think it smells quite vanilla-y with some floral hints. It's lovely! At only £15 a bottle, it doesn't exactly break the bank, and Boots have an offer, where you can buy two for £25! This cologne spray lasts all days and is very pleasant smelling that it is not overpowering and perfect for everyday. I can tell I am going to become a Library of Fragrance hoarder after spying all the scents in their range! 

My other new favourite is 'Paradise' from Next's range of scents. Now, Next isn't a place I would usually look for scents, BUT, my friend had been wearing it and she smelt amazing, so I had to investigate for myself. The bottle is orange and pink, a perfect summer scent. This perfume, is much more citrus-y and fruity. The box tells me it has top notes of apple and lemon, a heart of magnolia and rose, and a base of sandalwood and musk. Sandalwood is one of my favourite smells- I also have the Noir perfume from The White Company, which has similar fragrances, but at about five times the price! I love this perfume, it smells expensive, but is only £10, blimey! 

What are your favourite perfumes that you pop in your handbag?

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Talk soon,

B xxx

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