Seventeen Back Lash Mascara Review

Saturday, 30 May 2015

As a person forever looking for a new mascara, I picked up one up from Seventeen. I hadn't tried one of their mascaras before, but loved their brow kit, so thought I would give it ago. 

I was looking for a mascara perfect for festival season, small enough to pop into my makeup bag to survive the weekend. I don't want to take a lot with me, so looking to create the perfect minimal makeup bag for a festival. 

I liked the packaging for this mascara and the brush looked similar to the Rimmel London collasal mascara that I love! Back lash has a thick brush, with dense bristles to create long thick lashes. 
Unfortunately I am not impressed with this mascara, boohoo. 

It just about coats my lashes, not giving a lot of volume and length. I am super disappointed as it cost £6.49 (from boots) and was really hoping I could use it for festival makeup looks.

I wore it to work to really test it out, to see how long wearing it was, and within an hour the mascara had smudged all over my upper lid and below my eyes, so I had to keep wiping it up, but felt like I looked like a panda :(

I did find it is really easy to remove with makeup remover and doesn't stick to the lashes (maybe why it transfers a lot through the day) as the formulation is soft, if you know what I mean? Not sticky or gloopy. 

I must admit, I love the packaging, but the product it self is dissapointing.

So alas I am still looking for a mascara that will last a long day at a festival, I love the false lash effect from mascaras, so please please recommend any that you love! 

Have you tried this mascara, what do you think of it? I would love to know :) 

Thankyou for reading! 

Kiss kiss, B xxx

P.S my internet is broken at the moment so have to write my posts on my phone, sorry for being quiet recently, but I have been mentally writing blog posts for when it's working again :) 


  1. It's always upsetting when a product doesn't work out!
    Not sure if you've tried Maybelline The Falsies (waterproof) but it's my absolute holy grail!


    Check out my blog if you like :)
    Love, Krista |

    1. Ooooh I will do! I don't think I have tried Maybelline mascaras before, thanks for the suggestion :)

      Followed :) xxx

  2. It's great to read reviews of disappointing products so that I know not to purchase them!:) thank you - v helpful Hun!:)

    1. Exactly! They can't all be good, I would rather know before buying something if it is rubbish! Thankyou for reading :) xxx

  3. What a shame this one didn't quite work out (I love the packaging)
    I'm always on a mascara quest too! I'm still searching for "the one"

    The Everyday Life of Rachel

    1. 'The One' is the best way to describe it! Love it! haha xxx