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Monday, 15 June 2015

Happy Monday everybody! 
This was meant to go up yesterday but for reasons you are about to discover, I wasn't capable of writing a blog post yesterday, oops.
This past week has felt like the first week of summer, we started off the week by going to an outdoor cinema, then finished it with a festival. I had holiday to take at work as well, so I managed to catch up on filming Youtube videos, woo!
Also I watched the first episode of 'Humans' last night!? Did anyone else? It was super good, creepy, but good!

Anyway, let me explain what I have been up to :)

1 Outdoor Cinema- This is my sister, Phoebe and me. We barely see each other as I work a lot and she is at college or at her boyfriends, but my mum booked tickets to go to an outdoor cinema to spend some time together. 

2 Popcorn anyone?- This little dude dressed as a dinosaur was selling popcorn at the cinema event, super cute!

3 Grease is the word- The outdoor cinema was showing Grease! My favourite musical ever, Phoebe and I would sing our hearts out to this when we were younger. We went with loads of people and had a picnic, it was so lovely, if only it was warmer, by the end of the night I was convinced my feet would fall off.

4 Festival Lookbook- So as I had a few days off, I took the opportunity to use one of them to film my festival look book, which will be up next week. This is just a screen shot to show you guys a sneak peek of my makeup and hair. Do you like it? :)  

5 Makeup preparation- So, on Saturday my friend Wallis and I, were off to our first festival of the year, I just loved how Wallis had set up her makeup like this for us to get ready. 

6 Off we go!- I can do a blog post of the night, this is just us as we were leaving. I'm wearing a playsuit (bad idea for needing a wee) from Newlook and Wallis is wearing a daisy dress from Topshop. The festival was amazing and the music was incredible, just want to relive it all again, now time to catch up with sleep. Zzzzz.

How was your week? Leave a link to your Instagram below so we can follow each other! Or follow the link here to my profile, thankyou for reading :)

Lotsa love, B xxx

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