See By Chloé

Thursday, 11 June 2015

(Oops, chipped nail varnish...)

Behold, my new favourite perfume.
I think this is going to my 'summer fragrance', I went perfume shopping a few weeks ago with my, it was an accident, I didn't actually need any more perfumes, but couldn't resist this one. I am already a big lover of Chloé by Chloé, which I got for my eighteenth birthday. Chloé has top notes of rose, which I find to be more of an evening fragrance. However see by Chloé is such a light fruity floral fragrance, perfect for everyday wear.

First of all, I love the bottle, it reminds me of a Christmas decoration, as it has a  loop on the lid, like you can hang it.

I've researched what fragrances are in it, as my nose is not that clever, I just smell 'nice' and 'I would like to smell like this please.' So See By Chloé, smells like, bergamot, apple blossom, jasmine and ylang ylang, with a base of vanilla and sandal wood. A lovely cocktail of smells, to make you smell amazing. I feel like I have said smell too much, its starting to not look like a real word...
I tend to go for perfumes with a sandal wood base, as it is a warm and soft smell and bergamot has a very sweet smell. 

Everybody has their own preference for fragrances, I prefer perfumes which smell fresh and floral. If you do too, this perfume is perfect for you. I also find it lasts all days, and throughout the days the scent changes as it sits on your skin and smells even more delicious. I also like to layer it with Sunshine, a perfume by the Library of Fragrane, which I wrote a blog post on here :)

What is your favourite everyday perfume? 
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  1. I've never smelt this fragrance but it sounds great!
    Love the Christmas ornament hook :P
    My summer staple is Marc Jacobs Daisy eau fresh but I'd love to give something new a whirl!!
    The Everyday Life of Rachel

    1. Ooh it really is lovely! I love that one too, its like sweets, thankyou for reading will check you out :) xxx

  2. I always smell Chloe perfumes whenever I go into debenhams or any department store. They smell amazing! Definitely going to have to invest one day!
    Rachel Coco

    1. Maybe for christmas or birthday? to make it extra special :) xxx