Festival Makeup Must Haves

Thursday, 16 July 2015

So as the summer is really getting in to the swing of things, I thought for this weeks post I would talk you through my festival makeup must haves.
For me, festivals are a chance to go crazy with the glitter and bright colours, because if you can't at a festival, when can you!?

For a festival, foundation isn't a must, but I would recommend taking BB cream if you aren't one for going bare faced, at least it has a hint of colour, whilst moisturising and providing a SPF, so if the sun does decide to show its face, you won't be left with a red nose.

As I was saying, glitter is essential, I love these glitter eyeliners from Collection, called GlamCrystals. They have a whole range of colours, and I think they great as an eyeliner, smudged for eyeshadow or dabbed along the cheeks for a super glittery look (obviously my choice) I also love this Barry M nail varnish, it is a mix of purple, green silver, pink glitter bits, which I would use maybe just on my ring finger, or to create a kind of ombre glitter look with another varnish. In Boots the other day, I noticed Maybelline have brought out a collection of glittery nail varnish too, so the choices are endless!

These shadow pots are two favourites of mine, and I have recently used them in my rose gold eye makeup look over on Youtube. They are the Maybelline Colour Tattoos, in shades Rose Gold and Eternal Gold. They are creamy shadows, perfect for building up for a more intense look, or keeping rather subtle.

Collection Makeup, is my perfect go to for bright colours, their products are super cheap and if you're only going to wear them for a couple of days when you are essentially rocking out in a field, they are perfect for just that! I picked up this electric blue liquid eyeliner by them, and I love using it by itself with a bright pink lip. It really makes your eyes pop and enhances the colour of your natural eyes. 

Barry M is also a great go to for the bright colours, however a bit more pricey,  but I love this kohl liners in blue and purple. I have blue eyes, and these really compliment them, purple would also look great with brown eyes and a gold would really compliment green eyes.

As a lover of all things lipstick, I had to include my festival must have lipstick! This one is a really really bright pink by Rimmel, and it is a Colour Rush Balm lip crayon. The shade I have been wearing is Boom Chica A Boom. It is a really glossy lip colour, but the colour pigmentation is really intense as well as really long lasting. 

This eyeshadow palette has been one of my favourites since I brought it and am always picking it up, if only to use a purple or a green for an everyday look. But when it comes to festival makeup I like to use these bright shades to create a really electric eyeshadow look. It is the Mermaids vs Unicorns eyeshadow palette by Makeup Revolution. Their colours are super pigmented and are so bright, and the for the low price of their products you really can't say no. They are so perfect for festival season, I would probably struggle to find anything better or more suited!

Now that is our makeup bag sorted, for all other products, like mascara and eyebrows, I tend to use the same things as usual, and I try to keep makeup brushes down to a minimum.

So for hair, at a festival it really is whatever goes, showers are not something you will be seeing for a few days, so make sure you pack dry shampoo, this Floral Essences dry shampoo by Batiste has an amazing smell and leaves your hair feeling lovely, I find dry shampoo also gives your hair a lot of texture, so I would go ahead and plait it or just pop a flower crown on top, or even these flower clips I found in H&M, which are perfect for shoving into a bun and a pony tail, to keep it looking nice. 

All these accessories included are from H&M, including these cat eye sunglasses which are my absolute favourite this summer. I can't wait till I am off to the next festival where I can really go all out with these makeup bits and bobs :)

If you are going to any festivals, what makeup will you be taking? Also if you would like to see me doing any tutorials for festival looks then leave me a comment :) 
Thankyou all for reading, muchos luvos xxxx

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  1. Great choices, I love all the bright colours! Your sunnies are super nice as well!

    xo, Liz