Sugar Skull Makeup

Monday, 20 July 2015

 So, err, not your average makeup look.

I created this sugar skull look for an event/ race and you are judged on your fancy dress. Ok, abit weird, but thought I would share with you, how to create this look, if you so wish.

I used Snazaroo face paints, sponges and makeup brushes to create this look.

Step 1- Cover your whole face, neck and ears with white paint. I even dragged this through my hair to extra ghostly.

2- Using a thin paint brush or makeup brush, and the black face paint, create two loops around your eyes.

3- Then for the inner bit of the eye using whatever colour you like ( I used purple) then build it up on your eye lid and then blend it outwards to blend into the black to give your eye depth, like it is a skull.

4- Then using the same thin brush, loop the black paint around the eye sockets to create this flower effect.

5- Going back to the purple paint, dab a little into the holes you have created, I mixed it with some white to make it look more faded.

6- Don't forget to line your water line with a black liner, otherwise it looks a bit odd. 

7- I then painted on two triangles on my nose and connected them together at the end.

8- Paint on 4 dots in the centre of your forehead, and then create false eyebrows with swirlyness, still using the black paint and a fine brush.

9- I then created the hollow cheek bones by following my natural cheek bones and then blending down wards to give it depth, I also used a sponge for this stage, using a sponge is quicker and is easier to blend (just pretend you are contouring) Then above where you have made your cheekbones, do another swirly line (so descriptive)

10- Using the left over black on the sponge I dabbed it onto my top lip.

11- Working from the corners of your lips, create a longer line either side to create your teeth. Also line your upper lip, using the black paint.

12- Then go head and create your 'teeth' by creating lines downwards and over your lips.

13- Lastly, I created the signature sugar skull spider web on the chin, by working from the bottom of my chin upwards, creating lines fanning out, then adding in the curved lines across. Just finishing with dots above the lines. 

As usual I was with my main gal Wallis, who created a more subtle sugar skull, leaving out the eyebrows and spider web. I love dressing up and experimenting with makeup, the photographs are just ones to love because its not everyday you are a sugar skull.

Here are some more templates I found on Pinterest and I have also created a Sugar Skull/ Skeleton board, that I worked from, if you needed more inspiration.

Thankyou all for reading this slightly odd post this week, hope you enjoyed it :)



  1. Oooo go you =]

  2. Oooo!!! Cute for Halloween, too!!! By the way ^_^ I nominated You for the Reading Habits tag!!!! Check out on the blog!

    SJay // The Chronic Dreamer | A Lifestyle Blog

    1. ooh thankyou will check that out now! xx