Baby cuddles // Day 12

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

There is something about babies, you just fall utterly in love with them. 

I spent a heavenly day with my friends Elsie, Hanna and Hanna' beautiful new born baby Zoey.

We spent the day drinking tea, eating chocolate bournons and planning all of our future adventures with baby Zoey. 

Like going to the beach, visiting Santa's grottos, watching Disney films with her and watching her grow up, learning to crawl then walk and obviously talking. She is going to be such a chatter box, I can just tell, she mumbles to us now like she has a lot to say, little pickle. 

She ended up falling asleep on my like a star fish whilst wriggling around from her dreams. 

Hanna's pregnancy was actually filmed for Baby Faced Mums, which is on next week on FiveStar, we are all watching it with bowls of popcorn, I am slightly nervous because I was filmed too, ahh!

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Lots of love, B xxx

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