Being on the Telly! // Day 18

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Did anybody else watch Baby Faced Mums last night on Five*? If you did, you would have seen me (feeling super nervous) being filmed for my lovely friend's baby shower. 

Hanna is a beautiful lady, who I met last year when we worked together with our other friend Elsie, and we have stayed friends since we all left. She gave birth to her beautiful baby, 2 months ago, and she has done outstandingly, I am a proud friend right here!

We knew the episode was being aired last night, so we all piled into Hanna's house, armed with chocolate and wine to watch the programme.

It was surreal watching her on the telly, and when they showed the bit of the baby shower, seeing me back was so odd! I was so nervous on the day, and I forgot most things we said, but it was all edited lovely! 

Have you ever been on telly? How did you find it re-watching it?! 

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Lots of love, B xxx

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