Bikini Loving // Day 5

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Although it is summer and technically it should be gloriously sunny weather out there, the reality is, you have to hop on a plane if you want to feel warm (that is if you live in England, more specifically, Cornwall)

I booked a last minute holiday to Greece for September and I am so excited. With a holiday booked and probably already 10 bikini shoved at the back of your drawers, it was time to indulge in a new one. Also one that fits me, rather than a tight round the edges one that fitted me two years ago. (Sighs at the thought of having just eaten 3 chocolate biscuits)

Are stripes coming back into fashion? In my opinion they never went out, but Next seems to have gone crazy with stripes in their Autumn collection. Shops are a funny thing in August, because they have packed up all their summer wear (albeit, hanging onto the odd bikini and vest) and replacing it all with jumpers and jeans. So it makes it a bit of a funny experience shopping for a holiday in August. 

The trick is to look through the catalogues and websites where they keep it tucked away. Next have a huge catalogue every season, and so, I found this gem of a bikini. It is available with either high waisted bottoms (which I went for) or normal hipster ones. 
The top is bandeau style, with interchangeable straps, to make it halter neck or strapless.

I just love the blue and white stripes with the gold detail. It is simple but pretty, and perfect for a summer holiday, sitting by a pool reading a book. Also very Greek with the blue and white, wouldn't you agree?

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Lots of love, B xxx

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