Feeling Content // Day 31

Monday, 31 August 2015

This photograph was taken last night, today was spent, sleeping in, seeing my two young cousins then driving back down to Cornwall.

I am so glad to be home I am super tired, as we didn't get home until 2am because transport was an absolute nightmare!

But as I had 4 hours of being trapped in a car, it gave me a lot of thinking time and I felt like I have been so happy this year and am feeling content.

Last year I was really unhappy in a bad job and a bad relationship, I came into the new year with a new job and single and set the resolution to 'Get Happy' and I feel now that I can tick that off. I know happiness isn't a designation but I am hoping that this how I will be from now on, no more rubbish in my life please.

Especially doing this mini series on my blog I have learnt to appreciate every day and make the most of it. 

Also this year I have spent so much time with my family and friends doing things I love. Like going to gigs, cinema, beach or simply cooking a meal and watching a movie together. 

Or doing things I love for me, like buying that dress that made me feel pretty or singing as loud as possible and dancing around in my bedroom. 

My heart feels so full.

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Let a month of normal blogging commence, thankyou all for reading 

Lots of love, B xxx

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