Festival Essentials / Handbag Edition

Sunday, 30 August 2015

I am up and ready to go for the 2nd day of Victorious Festival today and this is what I am packing up into my little h&m bag. 

1- sunglasses, these are from H&M, the weather is looking a bit cloudy at the moment but you never know the sun may come out. 

2 - paracetamol, there is nothing worse than being at a festival with rowdy people and loud music than having a headache or feeling poorly. 

3- sanitiser, hygiene at a festival has just gone out the window. You would be lucky to find soap still left in a portaloo, so to stay on the safe side. 

4- tissues, again, portaloos are forever out of stock, we brought a pack of 8 in pound land, and although we are dealing with minions, it's better than nothing! 

5- coin purse, I tend to use this tiny purse when I use a clutch bag or small bag, because it just fits in a few cards and some money, this one was £10 from accesorize. 

6- Lipstick, need I say more! I always pack the lipstick I am wearing in the morning to keep it topped up. Today I am wearing shade 45 by Rimmel. 

7- plasters, wellies have a tendency to give you a blister or two so packing plasters can save you from painful feet to let you carry on dancing through the evening. 

What are you handbag essentials for festivals? 

Thankyou for reading :) my monthly scrapbook post will be up later!

Lots of love, B xoxoxo