Heavenly Sunset // Day 4

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Think of Cornwall, I am guessing you are thinking- Pasties, surfing, clotted cream and perhaps beaches. Yes we have a lot of them. 

This is one of my favourite places to be in the whole of Cornwall, its Perranporth, which is the north coast of Cornwall, kind of near Newquay. They have a bar on the beach, where they have gigs (heaven), this photo was taken a few weeks ago when I saw Andy Jordan there,  but I am actually off there tonight to see The Backbeat Soundsystem, who are an awesome reggae band, who I love and have seen them live a few times, defiantly check them out, their music makes you want to get up, dance and feel happy.

Seeing live music is such an uplifting experience, it makes my soul come alive. 

A night out watching music and dancing, beats any night in a club for me. I can't play music myself, or sing, but I think if I could have one talent, singing would be it. My whole self wants to sing and dance, but my voice, not so much. As if that stops me, but no one else wants to listen!

"Turn up the volume, close your eyes and let the music take over your soul."

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Thankyou all for reading, if you are doing this too, leave a link in the comments so I can catch up with you..

Lots of love, B xxx

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