Champagne Kisses // Day 3

Monday, 3 August 2015

Start a day with a smile, and end it with champagne.

I had a lovely evening with my mum last night where we went to the cinema (to see Inside Out) and then went to a cocktail bar.

I am defiantly a cocktail & champagne kind of girl. 

My mum and I never use to be close, but as I have grown up we have grown closer, and our relationship is something I value a lot. Whilst at school or college, when you go off with your new found freedom, going to parties and meeting new people, relationships with parents can become strained, and meeting eye to eye can be difficult. When I left college and left a long term relationship, my mum was my rock. Even though I don't need my mum to look after me anymore, I need her more than ever to be my friend. 

Although I love to go out with my friends, spending an evening with my mum is just as enjoyable. And she doesn't mind how many times I ask her to reposition her glass for a photo! Haha!

How was your weekend? Do you have a close relationship with your parents? :)

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Thankyou all for reading, if you are doing this too, leave a link in the comments so I can catch up with you..

Lots of love, B xxx

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