Why I Blog // Day 14

Friday, 14 August 2015

It's day fourteen! its two weeks! I have made it two weeks! *Pats myself on the back and eats a biscuit for achievement*

Ok Ok, I have made it two, albeit, dragging myself along a few days, but hey, I only have to do that again, and I have successfully blogged every day of August for you lovelies to read (I hope you have enjoyed these, and I have not just harassed you with blogposts for the last 14 days!)

Anyway today, as I have had a pretty rubbishy day at work, I thought I would explain why I chose to start my blog and why I continue to blog now :)

I started my blog back at Easter time (I remember this fact as I was watching 'Hop') as I was creating it and writing my first ever blog post. 

I left college over a year ago, and I began to work full time, I had two jobs, one amazing one, one, not so great. And I was working non stop until September until I handed in my notice at the not so great one, and the amazing one told me they didn't need my help anymore as it was only a seasonal job. I was also in a really (I mean REALLY) bad relationship at this point and feeling pretty low. I then began a temping job, where I hopped all around Cornwall being a waitress while struggling to find another job. I hated this, as being a waitress is something I really disliked doing and it meant working really long late hours. 

Until, a new shop was opening at a retail park close to where I live, a really big shop, where everybody shops for clothes and pretty homeware. Obviously they needed staff but the shop hadn't been built yet, so I applied, as I was desperate for a new non waitressing job. I had the interview and got it, it meant I would be doing my training with all the other ladies I would be working with when the shop came to open.

By this point it was December, I had quit my temping job and was all ready to begin my training, although extremely nervous. I met lots of people and we all became really good friends super quickly. The funny thing is, when you get a job, in the real world, nobody judges you, you are all a team. Thats how it was for me. And I met three lovely ladies, and they looked after me, I explained to them about my horrible horrible boyfriend and they gave me the confidence to end it with him *hurrah*. 

So I started a new chapter of my life, in a lovely job, with lovely friends. 

So in that time, I had longed to start a blog, after reading blogs like Sprinkle of Glitter, Helen Anderson and gh0stparties, but I didn't have the confidence, nor the time.

But in this new job, I had lots of time, because I was given a part time contract. This worried me, because I thought "What am I going to do with all this spare time! I need something to concentrate on!"

 So I just took the plunge and did it! I am so glad I did, because I would have regretted it so much, and would have just started it further down the line anyway, I am just glad I started when I did. Sometimes you just need that extra nudge and you're in. The three ladies, or as we call them now "the shop mums" have no idea how much they helped me, but they gave me confidence to do the thing I had wanted to do all this time!

When I thought about blogging, I wanted to blog about makeup, especially lipstick, my adventures and life in general. I love that this is my little place in the corner of the internet, where it is my rules, and I just tap away on my laptop willy nilly! 
And when people read and comment it really is the nicest thing, it always makes me smile, and motivates me to carry on. 

The blogging network is so beautiful, and I have really discovered that being on twitter, you make friends here and there, who share the same interests as you, it is just lovely! 

Well done if you managed to get through this all! 
I would love to know why you blog, and what got you into blogging?
Thankyou all for reading, I appreciate a huge tonne and I would give you all a hug if I could! 

Mwah Mwah,

I promise a shorter post tomorrow, probably about the wonders of lipstick!

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Thankyou all for reading, if you are doing this too, leave a link in the comments so I can catch up with you..

Lots of love, B xxx


  1. Aw Beth! This is sweet! :)
    I worked as a waitress 5 whole years while at Uni in order to pay for it all, and yes I know how crappy it is - My oh My did I turn anti-social back then, ha ha!
    I'm happy You started blogging ^_^ xoxo!

    SJay // The Chronic Dreamer | A Lifestyle Blog

    1. So true, when you're a waitress you have no life! So glad Im not doing it anymore and I am blogging :) Thankyou for reading lovely :) xxx