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Monday, 28 September 2015

Last week was super busy for me, I work in a shop and we were launching mid season sale this weekend. I was given the responsibility of marking down all the clothes, so I was working everyday really long hours and there was next to no opportunities for blog posts. 

However I managed to take a few pictures and keep up the social media front over on Instagram. 

I discovered H&M beauty this week and fell in love with their range of nail polishes. I could have easily brought them all! But I held back and just brought a lovely purple shade which will feature in my September favourites. 

On the same day I indulged in H&M, I was shopping with my sister and she wanted to get a new piercing (she currently has 11 so why not add another) so we ventured to Blue Banana and she got a rook piercing. 

Later on in the week where I was working an evening shift, I had a day time free where my sister Phoebe and I decided to get her face paints out and have a little experiment prior to Halloween. Phoebe is going travelling to Australia in a couple of weeks and whilst she is not at college and all her friends have gone to uni she is in limbo, so I am valuing every free time we get to spend with her. 

We both created 'Pumpkin Kings' and I tried to create a zombie bite on my neck. I have always been creative so I loved it. After I posted it I had an old friend messaging me thinking it was real, is that a compliment!? 

Then the week ended with the sale at work. I actually love doing the sale as it means a team of people in the night preparing for it which is always a laugh as it is an opportunity for us all to talk without being worried about being told off and to talk to customers instead. We ended up going for drinks afterwards, we are all friends so I really loved it. 

Sale day always means lots of treats for us, and a bake sale was arranged where we raised money for Macmillian. The amount of cakes was insane and we munched our way through slices of chocolate cake and cupcakes all day. I made chocolate cupcakes with popping candy, which I actually dropped on my way in. Typical of me I am the definition of clumsy! 

Although I was a busy bee all week it ended with a hefty amount of cake and I couldn't be happier! As October nears I am hoping to get back to writing and enjoying the world of blogging even more. 

Thankyou all for reading, how have you spent your week? 

Big love B xxx

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