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Friday, 4 September 2015

So I have reached the end of my own set challenge and I feel happy and accomplished.

I found that taking a picture every day was HARD, to begin with I tried to plan what photos I would take on each day. Obviously my plan wasn't followed exactly as some photos I planned weren't taken or weren't what I hoping they would look like.

 Also lots of plans were changed or things came up unexpectedly, including me getting poorly (defiantly not in the plan) so for a few days I wasn't feeling like getting out of the house, let alone going to find a nice photograph opportunity. But then that made me think more about the little things in life which are beautiful like my breakfast or Hugh Grant in Notting Hill. 

It also gave me time to be reflective and think about why I started blogging and my future plans for Life With B.

It has also been super lovely to read people's comments who have been enjoying it, whilst chatting with other bloggers on twitter and hearing their feedback and tips.

Photographing, editing, uploading, writing, publishing, was a bigger task then I initially thought it would be. On one occasion I was late to upload, but hey, 30 out of 31 isn't too bad!

I have also seen a change in my blogging and photographing style over the month, and I am more happy than ever with what I am producing, it has certainly been a learning curve.

Initially I wanted a challenge to keep me motivated and uploading regularly, and it gave me something to focus on and think about everyday. I now feel like I want to produce more and more and keep working on my little blog.

 I have managed to create a lots of memories and focus on everyday and appreciate how I spend every day, giving each day it's potential to be one to cherish.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the posts as much as I loved creating them. If you liked it, I tag all of you to do it too! I am planning on doing this for December too, watch this space!

Lots of love, B xoxo

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