How I Edit my Instagrams

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Hiya, recently someone asked me how I edit my Instagrams, so I thought I would make a lil' blogpost for you :)

First of all I take the picture *duh* either on my iPhone or Sony a5000 camera. On both, I use natural light to ensure the photo is well lit and is clear. Making sure that they are both in focus by either tapping the screen or refocusing by pressing the shutter.

I try to always create a good background by using colourful paper or pretty patterned objects, no boring old carpets or random bits or bobs.

I then use VSCO cam app, adding a filter either HB1, HB2 or C1. But always tend to go through them all before deciding which one looks best.

Then increase the exposure and contrast to make the image more crisp. 

I then use the tint tool to increase the pink in the image, I don't tend to stick to a theme on my Instagram but I do like the odd pink tint to my feed.

I then use Afterlight app to add a light flare to make the image look more interesting, also filling in a blank space. There is about 20 light flare options to add, then you can increase or decrease its intensity and what colour you want it.

I then go to upload it onto Instagram and occasionally play about with their tools and sometimes add a bit of fade or sharpen the image. 

There is no set way I edit all my photos because they are all different, lit in different way and need different filters to enhance the picture to its best quality.

I hope this helped anyone who was looking for some photo editing tips :)

And don't forget, everyone has their own personal style, so don't expect your feed to look the same as someone else's, you should just enjoy what you like.

Lots of love, B xox


  1. Lovely post! :) I love reading about how other people edit their pictures and getting some tips! xx
    Chasing Belle 23

  2. I know what you mean, I love seeing everyone else's techniques :) xxx

  3. I love VSCO cam, haven't tried after light though! I can't decide if need it or not haha xx

    Tamz |