Eylure No.116 False Lashes

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Oh me oh my, I can't get enough of these lashes! 

I picked up Eylure's No.116 false eyelashes and I can't bring myself to part with them now, I am hooked for life.

I think I got them in Newlook, they display them on the till barrier, so I brought them on a whim really as I am not one to indulge in lashes very often. They are pretty natural, not too heavy and thick, but above normal lashes they make your eyes look super awake and really finish off an everyday eye look.

They are reusable so I have been wearing them all week, they are super easy to apply and last all day. I always make sure I use black liquid liner to disguise the strip of lashes, and they look close to perfectly natural long lashes.

I wear them to work and when I see friends and every time I have had compliments on them saying they look really nice and that they are not obviously false.

I hope these pictures show how lengthening they really are. I did apply a touch of mascara to them just so they blended nicely with my natural lashes.

My normal lashes will never be the same again!

Which falsies do you love the most?

Thankyou for reading, loadsa love, B xxx

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