Makeup Wishlist

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

{None of these images are my own}

As someone addicted to makeup, my wish list is as long as my arm.

But these are the products that are at the top of my list at the moment, I also was wondering if any of you have these products and if you would recommend me taking the plunge and purchasing them :)

1- Too Faced, Better Than Sex Mascara. So far I haven't loved a mascara as much as Rimmel Collasal, but I have seen this mascara used in youtube tutorials and it looks so thickening and makes lashes look lush.

2- Nyx liquid liner. This liner looks super precise with its fine nib, perfect for creating long winged liner.

3- Mac Eyeshadow. I only own one mac eyeshadow which is a green one, lets face it, it doesn't get used a lot. I want to get some autumn shades, matte browns and purples.

4- Nars Blush in shade Deep Throat. It is a sheer peach colour and would add a lovely subtle colour to the cheeks. I would love to add Nars to my makeup collection.

5- Mac Lipstick in Creme in your Coffee. Mac lipsticks have the most amazing consistency and the shades are beautiful, so this is the one I have my eye on for my next lipstick purchase. 

6- Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in shade Blush. (I actually want them all, but firstly) I follow ABH on Instagram and they often post videos of applying the liquid lipstick and it seems like it is a really smooth and highly pigmented lipstick. 

7- Makeup Revolution New-Trals vs Neutrals eyeshadow palette. I love makeup revolution, their eyeshadows are perfect and I use them all the time in my Face of the day posts as I usually use their palettes everyday. I love the warm shades in this palettes and looks perfect for Autumn/Winter.

8- Nars Sheer Matte foundation. There has been so much love for the Sheer Glow foundation but I prefer a matte finish.

9- Zoeva brushes, I am in desperate need for new brushes, and these rose gold ones are beautiful, so if I am going to get new brushes they will have to be these ones.

What is on your wish list? 

Thankyou for reading, 
lots of love, B xxx


  1. I love the Mac lipstick, such a lovely shade!x

    1. I can't wait until I have enough pennies to get it :) xx

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