The Best Budget Winter Perfume

Thursday, 12 November 2015

I get through perfumes like there is no tomorrow and am constantly looking for a new fragrance, as I drown myself it in everyday.

I have found the most lovely perfume in (what I would say) an unlikely place, Next.
I usually wouldn't think of a clothes shop as a place to get a perfume, and one that smells so amazing.

Velvet Bloom is a perfect Winter fragrance, with a base of sandalwood and vanilla, it is a really warming, sweet, comforting smell. It kind of reminds me of vanilla milkshake.
It has top notes of orange blossom which gives it a citrus-y smell when you first spray it, but once it settles it smells incredible.

I have the 30ml bottle which is perfect to keep in your handbag to keep topping it up, and if you're like me, that will be every time you go in your bag.

I have been wearing it everyday and most people have asked me what perfume it is and my friends have gone and brought it for themselves.

I spray the perfume onto my chest, neck and arms, and occasionally onto my hairbrush. Your hair holds fragrance for longer so leaves you smelling sweet all day.

At only £8-£12 it really is a perfume on a budget, but with an expensive payoff. I would say it is a dupe for The White Company's Noir perfume/ fragrance, which is also sandalwood base, but I would even say I prefer the Next one.

All this talking about perfume, I think I need a re-spritz..

What is your favourite Winter perfume?

Thankyou for reading, lots of luuurrrvvvee, B xxx


  1. Oooh I love he sound of this perfume! I am a self confessed (and proud) perfume addict. I must have at least 20 bottles (no joke!) I love sweet/warm scents so this sounds right up my street. I think my all time favourite perfume has got to be Gucci Rush or YSL Black Opium -xo

    1. Ooh defiantly and for £8 it is worth it!! I will have a test of them next time I am in boots :) xxx