Dudley's Swimming Lesson // Blogmas Day 3

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Happy day 3 of blogmas!!

"Beth, can you do my shift tomorrow?" 
"Sorry, I can't, Im taking my dog swimming"
*Cue lots of laughing and people looking confused*

So yes, off I went to take him swimming, although he was moving super fast I managed to get a few pictures of him, what a cutie!!

If you read my Introducing Dudley post you will know, we adopted him from Cyprus. Before he flew over to live with us, he had to have an operation. 

He was being looked after by a foster mummy and she noticed that he couldn't sit or put weight onto his back leg. They took him to have an X-Ray and they found his leg had become disjointed from his hip. The vets said this was from a trauma to the leg, so it could be from being hit by a car. Poor puppy!!

He had an operation so his leg was fixed and he can walk on it now without being in pain.

Obviously he hadn't used his leg for ages as he was in pain, so he lost all the muscle in it and is a hop a long at the moment whilst he gets used to using it again.

To teach him to walk properly and be able to build up the muscle again, he was referred to Hydrotherapy.

Whilst he is in water he is kind of forced to use his leg because he can't hop along on the other one, and he won't get anywhere if he doesn't use it. (Is it obvious that I am no way an expert in this- there is proper names and terms but they are too science-y for me to remember)

To begin with they put him in a hot tub (honestly, it was like a doggy spa!) which he hated and kept shaking, then he went on an underwater treadmill, which he hated even more and kept planting himself down and just kept rolling to the back. 

But he loved swimming and I was overwhelmed with cuteness! 

I will leave this video below, I hope it works, I uploaded it to my youtube channel but as an unlisted video so only people with links can view it :)

Hope you are enjoying December and Blogmas? 

Lots of love, B xox

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