Lush Haul // Blogmas Day 1

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

"Just a little look, just a browse, you don't need to buy anything!" Words I heard just before I headed into my local Lush store and spent £30 on various bath bombs and soaps. 

Could this be anything to do with being spoken to by a fairly good-looking lush assistant?!

I first of all picked up Fresh Pharmacy • a solid soap cleanser, it contains chamomile to calm inflammation, which I need right now, don't know why but my skin is misbehaving and I am dealing with a few spots. Using a solid soap will last longer than a liquid one because you only use wha you lather. It also smells lovely - of lavender and elderflower.

To replace Herbalism which I have recently run out of I picked up Bûche De Noël • A soft everyday cleanser & exfoliator. This one is packed full of Christmas ingredients, cranberries, satsumas, almonds and cocoa butter.

Again to try and tackle these pesky spots that have appeared from nowhere I got Grease Lightening • This has soothed my break outs, leaving my skin feeling nourished rather than dry and gross which many spot treatments leave my skin feeling.

For bath time I picked up 3 scrumptious items...

Five Gold Rings • 5 glittery gold bubble bars, which you just break off and crumble under a running bath, creating sweet and comforting bath.

Twilight Bath Bomb • Throughout December I am going to be working like a busy B, so I brought this bath bomb in preparation for a soothing bath after a long day at work and need to relax enjoying an hour long bath. It smells incredible and makes you sleepy with Lavender and Benzoin Resinoid.

Star Dust • Its no wonder I picked this bath bomb up, firstly it is star shaped, smells of vanilla and has glittery stars in the middle! Whats not to love! It is also one of the cheaper Lush bath bombs at only £2.95.

I can't wait to use all these products, but for the mean time, they have made my bathroom smell amazing!

What are your favourite Lush products?

I hope you enjoyed my first day of Blogmas, today was a bit of a busy one for me, it started with me cracking open the advent calendar, having a quick chat with my sister who is over in Australia, then I was off to work which was busy with Christmas shoppers. Came home, found the puppy had torn up the conservatory, took him for a walk, got my car stuck in a ditch then we were off to take him to hydrotherapy and now I'm home and feel a bit like "wait... what just happened?" haha! See you tomorrow! :)

Lots of festive love, from B xox


  1. That is a busy day! Sounds like you could have used Twilight tonight ;) I actually picked that bath bomb up for a friend for Christmas - I'm glad the lavender and all those nice soothing things seem to be effective! That's exactly why I chose it for her! Star Dust looks and sounds amazing!

    I haven't tried a whole lot of Lush products, but so far my favourite is probably the Seanik shampoo bar! It's really nice, and smells lovely.


    1. Haha it was!! Oh my goodness I should have! Its soon lovely, I love all the smells of lush, I wish my bathroom smelt of it all the time! I hadn't until this year, now theres no going back! xxx