My Favourite Christmas Films // Day 4&5

Saturday, 5 December 2015

*Holds hands up as a plea of innocence* 
I didn't post last night :( I was sent home from work with a migraine and went straight to bed feeling super poorly. I am also not organised enough to schedule my posts, so here we are!

I am feeling better today and the plan is to put up the Christmas tree! So what better way to get into the festive spirit than watching a Christmas film aswell!

If you are wanting to watch a Christmas film, why not make it one of these?

The Holiday- Jude Law? Umm hello, do I need to justify myself? This is such a cosy film without typical love stories but beautiful in the different types of love and unexpected love.

Elf- This is all the festive cheer and childlike love of Christmas all in one film. If you want to haven't seen this film you have to! It also has the beautiful Zooey Deschanel in it, in fact I may even watch it this afternoon. 

The Muppets Christmas Carol- This is the one Christmas film, my sister and me would watch again and again. It is the Charles Dicken's Christmas carol with the 3 ghosts of Christmas past but filled in with the muppets, of course. 

Love Actually- This wins, hands down, my favourite ever Christmas film. Richard Curtis' films have a special place in my heart and Love Actually is no exception. I will watch this throughout the year regardless if it is Christmas or not. It is the stories of 9 people all intertwining lives at Christmas. My best friend and I used to watch this film in secret when we were really young because of Hugh Grant it had swear words in, haha! It has heartbreaks in and different types of love, unconditional and romantic. Which is what Christmas is all about. Bill Nighy also makes this film by playing a rock star who records Love Is All Around and then promotes it by singing it naked on Christmas day. Such a nostalgic lovely film that makes you feel all warm inside and go and give everyone you love a big kiss.

What are your favourite Christmas films? Anything I must watch?! 

See you tomorrow for another Blogmas...

lots of festive love, 

B xox


  1. I love all of these except love actually I just can't get into it but i wish i could! haha it's a wonderful life and home alone are another couple of my top xmas films :)
    Charlotte x

    1. Awh no what a shame, but I do see what you mean though! I still haven't seen Home Alone!! Gahhh! xxx

  2. Love the muppets christmas carol, its my favourite rendition of the story =] I watch it every year

    1. And me!! Haven't watched it so far this year but I will! :) xxx

  3. I've never seen The Holiday but I've added it to my list! :)