The Tree Is Up! // Blogmas Day 6

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Finally we got around to putting up the Christmas tree! We turned up the volume to Smooth Christmas Radio, and set about untangling lights and sorting the 'good' decorations to the front and leaving the 'made when we were 5' ones at the back.

Our Christmas tree is an artificial one from John Lewis, but its pretty good for a fake one don't you agree?

Every year it is mine and my sister's responsibility to put the decorations up but of course she is away travelling in Australia now, I am missing her more than ever! 

Now I am in the full Christmas spirit and feeling very jolly indeed.

Have you put up your decorations yet?

This was my 6th day of Blogmas, if you want to follow it along you can follow me over on Bloglovin'  :)

Lots of festive love to you all for reading,

B xxx


  1. Aw, it looks so nice! It's funny because we have tons of hand-made decorations from when my sister and I were small, but my mum insists on putting them up (despite our having far too many well made tree decorations in the first place). Oh well!

    We haven't put anything up yet, apart from a few little things in my room. It's a bit early, still, for us!


    1. thats so sweet though!! I am working mostly every day now leading up to christmas so we thought we should put it up now before it was too late :) xxx

  2. It looks so pretty!
    Jabeen x