Winter Happies // Blogmas Day 19

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Helllooooo and Merry Blogmas!

Rather than doing my November & December favourites I thought I would join them together to create my 'Winter Happies' like I did for Autumn.

These are are all the little lovelies that I have been enjoying throughout Winter and the build up to Christmas.

Candy Canes 
Obviously! I managed to pick up a lot from Poundland and am planning on taking them into work with me on Christmas Eve.

 Christmas Tree Earrings
I love little festive accessories, these are from Claires and I haven't stopped wearing them!

Harry Styles Christmas Card
If you follow me on Twitter, you will know, I have a teeny tiny crush on Harry Styles and so does my bestie. So I couldn't resist picking this card up from Cocount Lane. If you wanted to pick anything up from their gorgeous online store then you can use the code 'beth20' to get 20% off, because they are babes!

Makeup Revolution Velvet Lips
This lip lacquer is super intense berry shade called Vamp, perfect for Winter. If you want all the details about these, check out my post about them here :)

MAC Lipsticks
My all time favourite lipsticks, this Winter I am loving Chilli and Creme in Your Coffee.
Chilli is a red matte shade with a hint of orange and Creme in Your Coffee is a nude Cremesheen lipstick, a kind of pinky brown. I love them!

Reindeer Headband
As soon as I saw this I had to buy it! Me and my friend brought the same ones so we could wear them to work on Christmas Eve. They are from Newlook and were only £4, but we brought it on a 2 for one offer, I think, I can't remember now, oops!

Benefit The Porefessional
With Christmas & New Year's parties, you need your makeup to stay in place all day, which means you need a good primer. I picked this Benefit Primer up from Boots and it is a tester sized one. I didn't want to spend a lot of money of the proper sized one before I knew if I liked it and if it kept my foundation in place. But I am loving it and may have to go back to get the 22ml one.

As someone who suffers a lot with migraines and headaches, I am sick of taking pills, it doesn't feel healthy to be taking them most days. I have been getting more headaches this week, I think because I am working a lot. I wanted something to relieve them without swallowing anything, the advert for 4head sold it to me. It is a stick which you apply across your forehead and it contains levomenthal. Its a natural treatment for headaches and so far I have found it effective!

Dream a Little Christmas Dream
Giovanna Fletcher is one of my favourite authors, last year she wrote a Christmas Novella for Billy & Me and it was beautiful. After reading Dream a Little Dream in the Summer and loving it, I had to pick up this book, it is a short story and only cost a couple of pounds from Waterstones. If you want to snuggle up with a lovely Christmas story then I defiantly recommend this book.

Benefit Roller Lash
When I got the primer it was part of a deal where you can pick out another tester for half the price, so I chose this mascara which I have been wanting to try for ages! The pay off of this mascara is amazing, and makes your lashes so long, I have put away the fake eyelashes and this has taken over, amazing!

Nix Vinyl Liquid Liner
This actually featured in my Makeup Wishlist post, and I soon after ordered it online from FeelUnique. It is a very intense black liner, which has a super easy and precise application. 

Neutrogena Hand Cream
My hands have been getting so dry, especially when it has been frosty. This hand cream is a really thick and relieves dry hands instantly. There is a lot of expensive swish hand creams out there, but sometimes all you need is some good old Neutrogena. I keep this in my handbag and quickly reapply when I am at work or out and about.

The perfect Winter scarf
I absolutely love this scarf. It was finally time to get a new one as I had worn my old one so much it had gone bobbly. This one is a lovely purple berry check scarf from River Island, it is super soft and snuggly. It is the perfect addition to any outfit at Winter, and goes perfectly with a deep berry lipstick, ooh la la!

Elephant Earrings
These are little beauties also from Coconut Lane. They are sterling silver studs and are super cute!

Makeup Revolution Highlighter
I recently discovered that Makeup Revolution has landed in my local Superdrug so I couldn't resist picking up a few bits I hadn't tried before, including this highlighter. It is a lovely golden shimmery highlighter, so far I am loving it!

Lush Cleanser
I recently indulged a little in Lush and brought home lots of their Christmas range. I chose a new cleanser / scrub, this one is Bûche De Noël. It is a rougher scrub than Herbalism, so it exfoliates and leaves skin feeling fresh and oh so smooth.

What are you loving this Winter?

Thankyou for reading :)

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Loads of love, B xox


  1. I actually did a season favourites post in the summer, it's an easier post, I think! Plus it's kind of fun to see how things change from season to season ;) 4Head sounds like such a great product! I hate to use pills in most cases, so it would be wonderful for those random, annoying headaches that I get. I love those Christmas-y accessories, too! The earrings and the headbands are adorable :)


    1. Exactly and sometimes I don't try anything new in a month or haven't had time so it's just better for me to do it seasonally :) thankyou! Xxx

  2. I love this style of post! That Christmas card is so accurate, I have a crush on Harry too!
    Steph x.

    1. Thankyou so much!! It is! He is such a babe how could you not ;) xx