Dear 15 Year Old Me

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

 ( Baby Faced B ^^ )

A new year, an opportunity to be nostalgic and look how far you've come.

I turned 20 in October, officially been on this planet for 2 WHOLE decades, as I have left my teens and embarked into my twenties, I had a little think about the advice my 20 year old self would now give to my 15 year old self. 

These posts always catch my interest, if you too wanted to do this, feel free and link below I would be so interested to see your advice.

At 15, I had so much confidence, thought I could take on the world and I had all the knowledge I could possibly need. 

In a way, she doesn't need any advice, she is rocking it, but maybe a few heads up.

Dear 15 Year Old Beth,

Hi its me, or rather you, at 20. Yes you have survived this long, and no that breakup DID NOT kill you, but you did cry into a bowl of spag bol for an hour and neither did the bottle of cheap white wine you thought was a good idea at the time.

The next three years, see you develop and delve into the world a little more, learn values and lessons to become the best version of yourself. Sorry to break this news to you, but at 18 you are not in the best place, I wish I can tell you not to fall for that guy who seemed like he was sent from heaven covered in angel dust, but you do, don't worry though, I am here for you on the other side.

Its amazing how much you change, although stay the same.
You grow up, become more aware of the real world and discover not everyone has a kind heart. At 16, you are the best version of yourself. You sing at the top of voice, fling your arms around life and love every second of it. For that I am eternally proud. 

Your friends change and thats ok too, friends are always waiting around the corner for you to have a giggle and eat cheesy puffs with you. 

School is incredible, you soon learn that after years of not listening in Science, instead preferring to paint your nails or plan the next party, that you have to teach it to yourself. Yes, well, you didn't listen did you, even when you got sent out of class. Im glad you had fun and still managed to get your GCSES and a good report. Somehow, I still can't believe you did this, must be something to do with your charm.

You are so sure of yourself, if you believe in something you bloody well say something! Don't let anyone bring you down, you own this girl. 

And nine times out of ten, you are not having a mental breakdown, you just need a cup of tea and a biscuit. Trust me. People will call you a drama queen. 

Anyway, I love you dearly, 
Use your smile to change the world, don't let the world change your smile. 

Yours faithfully,

Your 20 Year Old Self.

P.S Self applied fake tan NEVER works for you, please stop.

Thankyou for reading, again if you want to or have done a post like this please send it to me I would love to read it. 

Lots of Love B xoxo


  1. I love this so light hearted yet with a serious message :) I did a letter to my younger self on my blog :) x

    1. I read it, it was perfect! :) thankyou xxx

  2. Aw this is so sweet and written in such a lovely way ☺️ x

  3. I adore these type of posts. You wrote it beautifully! x

    1. I am glad you liked it, thankyou lovely xx

  4. Awww I absolutely loved reading this, its such a lovely sentiment to yourself! And I really love how at aged 16 we think things are the end of the world but looking back they're actually not, and we have to deal with so much more at this age too, but we can totally do this! :) such a sweet post Beth :) xx

    1. Awh really! Thankyou! We can do it, just at the time feels like the worst thing ever haha xx

  5. So sweet. I have seen a few posts like this, and I really want to do one myself. Think I just might :) x x

    1. Ooh I look forward to reading it :) xx

  6. I loved this post! and the phrase at the end just made me happy! xxx