My Little Box • January Edition

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Hello Beauties! How are you today? 

My Little Box was plonked on my door step last week and as always I am here to unbox it with you. For January's edition, it is inspired by a new year and plans/ hopes for the year, hence why is it My Little Wish box. 

I always fall more and more in love with the packaging of these boxes and this month hasn't disappointed me either. 

For those wondering what My Little Box is, it is a monthly subscription box you pay £11 for and it is filled with lots of little goodies, and each month is a surprise you don't know what you're gonna get :)

Wrapped up beautifully inside was a whole range of pretty bits and bobs, including message bracelets to send to friends. With little quotes on like 'wish you were here' and 'say yes to new adventures', I think these are super cute and my friends will love to receive them.

In every little box includes some beauty bits as well, this month packaged up neatly was 

1 Mask & Peel Perfection Éclat By Noxidoxi, this is a french product so the information of it is all in french, if I had to rely on my GCSE french (very little) then I think it is like a face mask which you don't keep on for very long, it helps clean out pores and you wash it off with water. Other than that I am not sure and I can find any English instructions on google either! *interude* ok so I have just put some on my face, it is a white cream / scrub that smells amazing, not very thick. If anything drastic happens I will let you know but I am liking it so far!

2 Ren Cleansing Water, a perfect compact little Micellar Water, I often use Garner Micellar Water to take my makeup off so its nice Ive got a little one I can sample.

3 My Little Beauty Lipbalm, this lip balm feels super nourishing and I think it has cocoa butter in it, because I can smell chocolate and it is making me hungry.

My most favourite part of the box this month is this little duck egg blue diary. It is A5 size with gold writing "Dear Year I Like You." I had been looking for a 2016 diary for a while but didn't manage to find one I really liked and I am so glad because this is perfect!

It is the most Instagrammable diary I have ever seen with little quotes and typography in to cheer you up and daily reminders like "But first coffee" and "Life is peachy" ahhh I love it!

I am actually really loving these boxes, at first I was un sure and had considered cancelling my subscription, but I have completely changed my mind and I always look forward to them and the little surprises within the box :)

Thankyou so much for reading, see you tomorrow for a new post..

Lots of love B xxx


  1. Looks lovely. Definitely an instagramable diary 😊

  2. What a lush diary! Very instagrammable! I might have to check out this subscription box, it looks super cute! x x