A Happy Place • Day 5

Friday, 5 February 2016

Hello beauties!

Whenever I am sad, or need a little time to myself with a book or a good playlist then I will take a dip into a warm bubbly bath. When I am having a bad day or not feeling very well I know a bath will cheer me up and make me feel better, it is time away from screens with no distractions, time to stop refreshing my twitter feed and looking up celebrities on wikipedia.
Probably most of my life decisions, epiphanies and philosophical thoughts have happened whilst submerged in a bubble bath.

It is my happy place.
Baths are so relaxing and I love feeling pampered, without an expensive spa price tag. 

My favourite bath products-
Lush Bath Bombs
The Body Shop Face Masks
Frank Body Scrub
Soap And Glory Soap
L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology Shampoo & Conditioner

What is your happy place?

Thankyou so much for reading and I will see you tomorrow,

lots of love, B xox


  1. I love a good bath, it's definitely one of my happy places! I need loads of bubbles, a good book and some candles and it's perfect :) Love a body shop mask! xx


  2. Baths are the best, I always run one if I'm in a bit of a mood. It's nice to just relax and not have to thing about anything x

  3. Baths are definitely a nice place to be! I find, because I live with my parents and sister right now, that it is one place where you can be properly alone for an extended period of time. Plus they're relaxing and usually smell nice ;)

    For me, a bath might be my happy place as well, but it might also be my room when it's clean and bright!


    1. Yep and they can't barge in haha! I was undecided whether to chose my room or the bath for this post, but eventually bath time won! haha! xxx