Feature Wall • Day 12

Friday, 12 February 2016

Bonjour blogging babes!

How are you today?

Im back to work today after a week off boohoo :(

Ok, so when I entitled day 12 as 'A Wall' potentially could be quite boring, I searched locally for cool colourful graffiti covered walls, hardly surprisingly there was none at all in my tiny corner of Cornwall.

However, I have been working on my very own wall smack bang in front of me and I am excited to share this wall with you!

Last year I decided it was time to redecorate, time to get rid of my collage covered walls which left blu-tac marks, to get rid of my ugly shelfs that looked like they were about to fall off my walls with the weight of books underneath and time to start a fresh. Baring in mind the last time I had decorated it was when I was 14, my likes and dislikes had obviously changed a lot, I no longer wanted a poster of a young curly haired Harry Styles on my wall.

I spent hours looking through pinterest deciding I wanted to go for a white colour scheme (White will never get on my nerves) with a big book shelf and a feature wall. I am, as you know a massive book worm and art lover, so I combined my two loves.

That shelf you see my photo frames sitting on is the top of my book shelf, which you can see and more of my room in this post >> Room Tour <<

I have collected arty bits and pieces for years, and of course created lots myself whilst I was studying art at school and college. But I then had to frame them all, and finding cheap frames was the hardest! I didn't want them to look cheap but I needed them to be cheap as I needed a lot of them, uurrrrr. Also it still isn't full, going to continue to add to it as I travel and collect more art :)

I went for neutral frames in white, black, cream and brown to keep to my colour scheme.

The best place to find frames - 
Next (in the sale)

OR just buy the print in its original frame, initially is will be more expensive but it is worth it. Otherwise you could be looking for a frame for ages, or having to pay a professional framer to do (which is a lot more money)

To fill in the spaces I have wall hangings "follow your dreams" is from Next (in the sale) and "Enjoy the little things" is from Sass & Belle.

The copper fairy lights and silver heart are also from Next.

Ok so shall I talk you through the prints and art on my wall some of them may still be for sale but some of them were original.

L-R Top-Bottom (Links to each of them)
1 & 3  Frames from Ikea and photographs taken myself of Berlin & Brighton
2, Frame from Next, photo taken myself of the Saatchi Gallery
4, teeny tiny one, was a present but by Catherine Hoskin
5, Big Landscape one, Marna Lunt St Ives
7, Roses, was painted by my 5 year old neighbour
8, frame from Homebase, picture of me and my puppy
9, heart, frame from ikea, drawn by me.
10, Dachshund, FabFunky
11, red painting by me.
12, illustration of hands by me
13, tiny little illustration from a street artist in Berlin
14, Forget Being Beautiful and Just Be Yourself, by me
15, illustration of cat, was a birthday card
16, Yeti, Woolfe & Badger

On my bookshelf, is 4 frames all from Next and those two weird button eyed creatures are Ruby Ruth dolls, one belongs to me and one belongs to my sister we brought them as gifts to each other, I am just looking after her's whilst she is away.

Oooh-eee that was a long post!

If you want to create a feature wall similar to mine I recommend you collecting prints over time and all over then you get a variety. I also recommend making them yourself, saves you a lot of money and will look just as good!

Which is your favourite frame on my wall?

Thankyou so much for reading and I will see you tomorrow,

lots of love, B xox


  1. This is such a lovely idea! Yours looks amazing :)

    Hana | www.hanarosella.blogspot.co.uk ♥

  2. Your wall looks stunning and so creative! I would love to create setting like this one day xx


    1. Thankyou, I am so proud of it, can't wait to see it grow :D xxx