January Round Up

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Eeeeee hello there!!

Two posts in one day you lucky devils, by some sort of miracle, I actually filmed and edited my January Vlog, woohoo!

If you wanted to watch that one the link is here 
Show it some love will ya? :)

Also this month I had fun wine times with my chums, and planned a trip to Amsterdam...

Went on the most perfect spa day with my work besties. Kady is leaving for her maternity leave, so the five of us booked ourselves in for various facials, scrubs and massages for the day, with lots of prosecco and giggles..

Dudley is more and more mischievous as the days go on, he loves to steal shoes and hide them in his cage, and now has learned how to chase a ball. We also treated him to this super cute bandana so everyone knows where he came from :)

January was defiantly a month for seeing friends. I was even treated to a surprise visit from my friend Izzie who is at Bristol uni at the beginning of the month (But I didn't get any pictures) So I got to see all my friends from various circles this month and I am so happy about that!!

To say goodbye to Elsie before she made her way back up to University, Hanna and I met her for a meal out in Truro. It was super yummy, they had tapas and I had chilli! Yum! 
We joked about me getting a parking ticket, unluckily for me we jinxed ourselves and I came back to my car with a massive red ticket on it huff :( 

To finish the month off I went shopping with my bestie Emily who has just dyed her hair pink and looks like a unicorn Princess. I managed to pick up various Lush bits and pieces and some new clothes to freshen up my wardrobe :)

All in all it has been a very good month! I hope you all had a lovely January, can you believe we are one month into the New Year already?!

Thankyou for being absolute babes and reading this post :D

Lots of Love B xxx

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