Someone I Love • Day 8

Monday, 8 February 2016

Hey everyone!

As soon as I thought of using Someone I Love as a title to my 8th post of February, my sister came to mind. Phoebe is my younger sister who I adore, she is my best friend and I am missing her like crazy whilst she is away travelling in Australia.

She sent me this photograph and I loved it so much I am so glad I can use it for todays post, it is beautiful.

My best memories from growing up with Phoebe is lots of imagination games, being each others enemies but we always had each others back. Now we are older, she would come into my room climb into bed with me and talk about the latest news / gossip, quote 'friends' and munch on bacon sandwiches.

We speak regularly on the phone and she tells me she misses me, but she is having the most amazing time in Australia I can't wish her to be home. Whilst I am dipping in and out of the rain Phoebe is basking in the heat and swimming in lagoons. Jealous? Me? Haha not at all, I will just need to go out and visit her.

If you're reading this Phoebe which I highly doubt you are, but I love ya!! 

Thankyou so much for reading and I will see you tomorrow,

lots of love, B xox

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