Bath Time Haul

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Hello there beauty babes!

We all love a good pamper session in the tub don't we?!

I have been having loads of baths recently, hasn't it been so cold? But mainly because I love using all the delicious products, leaving me feeling like I've been in a spa! Heres a few things I picked up when I was shopping recently. . .

Granny Takes A Dip Bubble Bar- Lush
I loved the gold ring bubble bars I picked up at Christmas, you can either use a big chunk or a little bit broken off and just crumble under your running taps. And voila! You have a bubbly spicy bath (It is fragranced with ginger and lemon)

Butterball Bath Bomb - Lush
Mmmm just pop this into your hot bath for a calm cocoa bath, good enough to destress you after a long day at work. 

Sakura Bath Bomb - Lush
I picked this one up because it smelt amazing! This is a bath bomb especially for Spring with orange, lemon and jasmine. mmm-mm!

Tea Tree Face Wash - The Body Shop
They had 2 for 1 in The Body Shop, so naturally had to pick something up. I love the tea tree range (the other item I got was a primer) It leaves your skin feeling super fresh and clean, tea tree is amazing for blemish prone skin, which I have, so it is perfect for me.

Sea of Tranquility Bath Cream - Imperial Leather
For when I don't have a Lush bath bomb to hand, I always use a generous helping of bubble bath. This one sold itself to me, with eucalyptus and sea samphire to help you to relax and unwind.

What are your favourite bath time goodies?

Bye for now, B xoxox


  1. Bath product blog posts are my favourite to read! I absolutely love Lush's Butterball Bath Bomb, it may not be the most dazzling one but it really does make your skin feel lush! xx

    1. Ooh glad you like it hun! It was so nice, so glad I picked it up :) xx

  2. I love the body shop tea tree oil range works wonders...
    Beauty Candy Loves

  3. LUSH bath bombs are so enticing, haha!

    Jadirah Sarmad at Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

    1. Haha you can't help but buy them! xx

  4. the body shop tea tree range is my absolute fave. great bath bits! x

    1. Same, I can't get enough of it :D Thankyou! xx

  5. I love the Lush bath bombs/bubble bars - they're so good! x x