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Monday, 21 March 2016

"I don't need anymore makeup, I have enough" - Said no one EVER. 

Haha! Hello lovelies, yes so maybe some more makeup did fall in my basket, through the checkout and into my makeup bag, but maybe I needed it. 

I first of all treated myself to The Balm's Cabana Boy blush. It was on sale on FeelUnique, why say no!?! It is a lovely berry shimmery blush. It has a deep colour to it so I use it quite lightly on my cheeks, with a purpley lipstick. It is beautifully pigmented and I am really happy with it.

I then had to restock on my usual favourites - Revlon Colour Stay Foundation in Buff and Collection Concealer in Fair. I buy these time and time again, they have such high coverage and last for hours and hours. When it comes to me taking my makeup off at the end of the day it stills looks great!

Natural Collection Eyeshadow Pot in Milk Chocolate. I had actually had my eye on a very similar shade in Mac, and found this one for £1.99 so it couldn't hurt to try it out! I really love this colour for a subtle base shadow for everyday. It is has a satin finish, I tend to use it all over my lids, and pair it with a nude brown lip.

Body Shop Tea Tree Primer as someone with oily skin, I am always after a new primer to make sure my makeup isn't going anywhere. I have had this before and loved it so whilst it was on a buy one get one free offer I had to get it! I love the consistency of it, and the tee tree feels really fresh on your skin, it feels like its doing it some good! I have also found that it is doing a good job of holding onto my foundation around my nose.

Mac Captive & Spice 
Ahh I am loving these colours!! I have worn Spice nearly everyday since I brought it!
I did a full colour review on both of these in this post >> Mini Mac Splurge <<

Have you brought any new makeup recently?

Thankyou for reading!!

Ciao for now, B xoxox

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  1. If I were in your position I think I would have bought that blush purely because it has an adorable package, haha. I keep meaning to look into the Tea Tree line from The Body Shop, too. One day!

    I've been being good and not buying new makeup when I don't need it, so there's nothing to report, haha. Though I did get at Christmas a new Covergirl mascara that is quite nice :)