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Monday, 28 March 2016

Aloha beauties!!

Back in February, Jodi from MakeuptoMotherhood  did the TMI tag, and I told her I would do it as well, and I have finally got round to doing just that!! Also Izzy from DaisyChainsInTheRain did a Youtube video of her answering these questions, because I am shy of the camera, a post will have to do!

Im thinking, I might start a tradition of answering these every year and see how much the answers the change, what do you think?
Anyway lets get started...

What are you wearing? Black Next skinny jeans (always!) and a stripy top from George, Asda.

Ever been in love? Yes *blushes*

Ever had a terrible breakup? Also yes *pouty sad face*

How tall are you? Teeny tiny 5ft

How much do you weigh? That is for me to know and for you to ... not find out

Any tattoos? Yep, one!

Any piercings? Currently 4, but once had about 10 because my friends pierced my ears at sleepovers (Never a good idea- never trust anyone who says it won't hurt)

OTP?  Can I say me and Harry Styles?

Favorite Show? Fresh Meat & Raised By Wolves

Favorite bands? McFly (always- no shame) The Cat Empire, 1975, The Backbeat Sound System. 

Something you miss? My sister Phoebe who's in Australia

Favorite song? Let it Go by James Bay OR Sofa - Ed Sheeran

How old are you? 20

Zodiac sign?  Libra 

Favorite Quote? I have two (can never pick one of anything!) 

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid - Albert Einstein. Always remember, nine times out of ten you probably aren't having a nervous breakdown - You just need a cup of tea and a biscuit - Caitlin Moran.

Favourite actor? Rachel McAdams

Favourite Colour? Purple

Loud music or soft? Loud 

Where do you go when you’re sad? Straight into a bubble bath

How long does it take you to shower?  Hmm probably like 10 minutes

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Ages, probably too long, an hour and a half.. I get distracted really easily which makes getting ready take even longer.

Ever been in a physical fight? I grew up with a sister, so yes, I steal her tights, hell up! 

The reason I joined Blogger? I have talked about this a lot, because I decided not to go to Uni, and had a part time job, I needed something to fill my time, and I LOVE it. 

Fears? Well, how long can the list be?! I am scared of a lot of things, heights, spiders, flying I could go on.. haha!

Last thing that made you cry? Again, the list could go on, I cry all the time! I got emotional watching The Jungle Book trailer, but the last time I cried properly was when I finished Me Before You by JoJo Moyse. 

Last time you said you loved someone? Said it to my friend from work Emily, she is a little cutie!

Meaning behind your youtube/ blogger name? I went through loads of ideas before landing on Life With B, but my name is Beth and I blog about loads but mainly lifestyle

Last book you read? The Two of Us by Andy Jones

The book you’re currently reading? Moranifesto by Caitlin Moran

Last show you watched? I am actually watching and writing at the same time, which is Once Upon A Time. 

Last person you talked to? One of my bestie friends, Izzie, who is home from Uni, and we cooked an epic (emphasis on epic) roast for Easter. 

The relationship between you and the person you last texted? My lovely friend Kady, I was wishing her luck with the birth of her baby. 

Favorite food? It has to be cheese. 

Place you want to visit? I really want to go travelling, but top of my list right now is Amsterdam.

Last place you were? Um, well I'm currently in bed, so last place before my home was the beach..

Do you have a crush? Always

Last time you kissed someone? Ooooh I wouldn't dare kiss and tell

Last time you were insulted? Don't think I have been insulted recently (maybe something to do with my sister being on the other side of the world)

Favourite flavour of sweet? Strawberry 

What instruments do you play? Nope, pass

Favourite piece of jewellery? I rarely wear jewellery, so would have to be my moon crest earrings. 

Last sport you played? Probably something when I was in school..

Last song you sang? YOU GOT NO FANS - Wealdstone Raider (hello- tune!?) But have had the Camp Rock playlist on all day too.

Last time you hung out with anyone? I went to keep my best friend Emily company while she was poorly and make her cups of tea and watch Geordie Shore. 

Who should answer these questions next? Anyone! You want to answer these go a head :)

Thankyou for reading!!

Lots of love, B xxx

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