Dear ANXIETY | I'm Exhausted

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Hello everyone!

As you may already know, I talk about anxiety a lot on here, because I have it, and it is something I really struggle with. I know so many people are affected by it, so together we can talk about it, you don't need to be embarrassed. I wrote about it here in my #LetsTalkAnxiety post so you could always read about how it started for me, and trying to end the mental health stigma. 

Gemma Corell, has been posting her illustrations under the hashtag #MENTALILLNESSFEELSLIKE and it got me thinking about how it makes me feel and personifying it. If you wanted to see her drawings, visit her Facebook page, and you can share the posts and feel free to write your own posts to explain how you feel. 

Recently it has really taken its toll. It is something that is always on mind, so it was about time I addressed anxiety and told it exactly how it was making me feel, and that I have had enough. 

Dear Anxiety.

You're still here and can I just say, you have overstayed your welcome. 

You turned up uninvited to that party, on holiday, when I went out with the girls, whenever I am in a crowd of people, at a family meal and sometimes you like to make an appearance in the middle of the night 

To be honest, I am exhausted. 
You squeeze me so tight, absorbing my whole being. 
Anxiety; everyone knows you to be, maybe feeling nervous, shaking, a pounding heart. But I know you to take over my entire life. You aren't just some butterflies, you are birds flapping their wings so strongly, making me so sick. 

I am part of a huge tug of war 24/7, because you hate all the things I love. My mind is constantly fighting you to leave me alone, telling you I CAN DO IT. But then you always win because YOU CANT DO IT screams so much louder. 

I am tired of saying 'I'll think about it' rather than Yes, a million times yes. 

Unfortunately for you Anxiety, as much as you would like to stay, I cannot live with you anymore. 


Beth x

I wish I could just hand Anxiety its eviction notice, or take some medicine like you would for a sore throat and it would be gone. This is something I am learning to cope with and get over, all I know for the time being is that I cannot carry on living with it like it is at the moment. 

If you want to create your own post, feel free to tag me in it or use the #mentalillnessfeelslike I will share it and remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Thankyou for reading, 

lots of love, B xxx


  1. This is such an honest and open post, thank you for sharing! I know how you feel lovely! It's extremely exhausting being on edge all the time, worrying about the smallest of things that all those around you don't even see a problem but you think it is the end of the world xx

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  2. I love the idea of this post - the letter to Anxiety. I know what you mean about feeling exhausted. I often wondered why I felt so tired every day, no matter how good or bad a nights sleep I had. It's because I'm constantly fighting a war with myself. No wonder I'm so tired! x x