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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Hello to you beautiful LifeWithB reader, how are you today?

I quite literally am loving life at the moment. I am so calm and content with everything that is going on. I have a completely different appreciation and outlook of love then I did a few years ago. Everyday I see as a blank page and I need to fill it up with all the best things. 

I have spent a lot of time recently seeing friends, as they are the main source of all my happiness. Going for dog walks, coffee and to the beach. Life is treating me pretty well. 

I have been using all my spare minutes to absorb some vitamin D, I hope this lovely weather lasts, I feel like by the time I publish this post we will be hiding under umbrellas again, but I am ever the optimist. 

My oldest friend Izzie came home for a few days recently, and we went out for dinner to celebrate her brothers 18th birthday. We have been friends since we were four, so it is always so nice to see her, I was a happy little bee.


Summer is all about spontaneous days isn't it?! I can't wait for this Summer, I am so excited for adventures and life long memories to be made. 

I have also been thinking about doing my Monthly Scrapbook series again for August? Or maybe July? What do you guys think? 

I love to treat this little space on the internet as a scrapbook / diary. 
I created LifeWithB to document and capsule my life in Cornwall and love of lipsticks, so I love to post these lifestyle type posts to keep you all updated and I hope you enjoy it too!

I'm off to Bristol this week, and although I would love to promise a vlog, you and I both know that won't happen, so a blogpost will have to do (But I'll make it a good'un!)

I don't have many plans for Summer, hopefully go to some gigs, a festival, work end of season sale, watch the sunset, surround myself with my best friends and generally soak in the beauty of life and continue to talk to you about it. 

What have you been upto recently?

Loadsa loving, see you soon,


B xoxo


  1. Loving the positivity! :) x x

  2. I'm actually so jealous of the amazing friendships you seem to have!! You're so positive lately and I love it WOO u go glen coco xxxx

  3. Lovely snaps, I miss summer so much! I really love your 'about' collage, I want to create something similar :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)