MAC Lipstick Collection 2016

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Who doesn't love an updated Mac lipstick collection? Because I LOVE them. 

Mac lipsticks are my all time favourite, I love their consistency and I always find that they last all day. I usually go for a satin or matte finish and prefer shades with pink in them (as you can probably see!) 

I have a pale cool toned skin tone, and I always try on the lipsticks before I buy them so I know that they won't wash me out and make me look even more pale!

I will also include a picture of me wearing each of the colours so you get an idea of what they look like on ( I am quite ashamed of the amount of selfies I had at hand for this post- haha!!)

I'll start from left to right and any previous posts I have done on the shades I will link below. 

Ruby Woo -
Retro matte finish blue toned red. This has a really matte finish, and because it has such an intense colour I use a lipliner first to create a clean outline and to stop it from smudging. This lipstick is perfect for a night out, with a smokey eye and black dress (channeling my inner Taylor Swift)

All Fired Up -
I LOVE this lipstick. This was the first one I brought because it is more of a fuchsia hot pink red. I find it goes so much better with my skin tone and wear it with thick eyeliner. It is the perfect colour for festivals or if you're feeling a bit more daring for everyday wear. 

Creme In Your Coffee-
This is a beautiful nude cream sheen lipstick. I am not a massive fan of cream sheen, I think this is because my top lip is super pale without lipstick on so I like to cut out the lip line with a lipliner first. I use Spice lipliner with this lipstick and they work perfectly together. 
It is a pinky shade nude and I wear this colour for work (Its actually almost run out!)

I love love love Brave!! It is a satin finish pink lipstick. I wear this the majority of the time because it is so versatile and I feel like it suits me the best. It warms my complexion and lasts all day ( I barely have to top it up at all - heaven )

Fanfare is a lovely coral-y pink lipstick. I brought this for summer because it has a yellow tone to it. This makes you look more tanned and makes me excited to wear it as the weather gets warmer. Because it is a cream sheen it is very glossy, so I am going to look at getting a lipliner to sit underneath it. 

Surprise surprise, another satin finish!! I brought this one back in January, it is more of a Wintery / evening colour. It is a plum toned pink, and will be perfect for Autumn. 

This is one of my all time favourite lipsticks, I love it, and it was donated to me from my friend Emily who doesn't like matte finish ( winning! ) It is a orange / brown toned red and it was perfect at Christmas.

Verve -
This is also a satin finish, brown / purple toned shade. I find it quite a cool lipstick shade, so I have worn it on a night out because it means you can dress it up a bit more and because it is quite dark.

I actually don't have any non black and white pictures of me wearing Chili or Verve (forever loving b&w filter!) but by the time I update you on my collection I will be sure to swatch the for you lovely ladies!!

Hope you liked this post! What is your favourite Mac Lipstick? Or tweet me your collection posts so I can add some more to my ever growing Mac wishlist.

I love ya loads, B xox

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