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Back in January 2016 I wrote that I wanted to go to Amsterdam and I finally made it there in November. However I didn't really read up on the city and learnt a few things that I wanted to pass onto anyone looking to go anytime soon. 

Which by the way you defiantly should!
It is a beautiful city with a charming way of life which you can't help but fall in love with.
(Its not all about prostitutes and weed by the way!)

We only were only in the city for 3 days and here is a tiny sample of what we enjoyed, I would love to go back and explore the rest of it, so not everything is on here simply because we ran out of time. 

When to go -

We went in November, however I would recommend to go in the warmer months, so you can enjoy how relaxing the city is in Vondelpark, rather than having to wrap up warm (it gets super cold because it is so close to the sea) we also couldn't hire bikes because it didn't stop raining.
The other down side to going in the Winter means you spend a lot more money sitting in cafe's and finding shelter in museums. 

Money -

This is the most important thing I learnt when I was there which I make sure I tell everyone because I had no idea. 

Don't take cash!

Most places in Amsterdam DON'T accept cash ONLY card. I realised this in the first place we went to get food and they refused to take cash, I found this so strange because usually when you go away you get your euros out and don't expect to use your card at all. However Amsterdam want to create a 'cash free' city because they believe carrying cash is dangerous and increases crime. Even the markets accept card!

Getting Around- 
If you are heading to Amsterdam, make sure you get hold of a good map (probably will have to buy one) because the maps provided by ticket companies don't even have correct street names on. We got lost everyday and for hours on end because everywhere looks the same! You pass over 5 canals that all look identical, it will drive you crazy if you get lost, so defiantly get your hands on a good detailed map so you know exactly where you're going!

Also ask at your hotel for a 24 / 48 hour tram pass. The trams are really easy to use, and will be so much cheaper to use to travel around the city, because if you're only there for a short time you don't want to waste time walking for hours (& getting lost!)

Also WEAR SENSIBLE SHOES. I took with me ankle boots (which had a slight heel) and a pair of dolly shoes, they both didn't cut it and killed my feet so I had to buy trainers from H&M whilst I was out there , you walk so much so you need shoes that will look after your feet.

 Where to go -

This is where I went and would recommend visiting. Also use Tours & Tickets when you're there to get discounted ticket prices.

Vondelpark, completely beautiful and can imagine enjoying the sunshine and riding bikes around the park in the Summer.

Visit the I, Amsterdam sign. It is right outside the Rijksmuseum. 

Sex Museum, its only about 2 euros and is a bit of a laugh, because who doesn't want to see an 8ft penis?!?!

Body Worlds, a museum all about biology, so if you were interested in what your body looks like on the inside then this is the place for you! Haha, it is really interesting and if you need to shelter from the rain this is defiantly one of the better museums. 

Visit The Red Light District - Its kind of a must isn't it!? Whilst your there, visit Red Light Secrets, which is a museum of the district, it is quite eye opening and at the end there is a wall of confessions. Defiantly worth a read and made it so worth while, really, I promise its worth it!

The Jordaan, a beautiful part of the city and you can find that instagram shot of the bicycle on the canal! Genuinely thought there was only one canal in Amsterdam and there was always only one bike chained to its bridge, hahah I know! So uniformed, whoops!

Where to eat -

De Pizzabakkers - Pizza & Prosecco, hello?! I went to the one near Vondelpark because thats where we were staying, it was reasonably priced and really good food! I would defiantly go there again.

Bakers & Roasters- Go here for breakfast or brunch, amazing!

Pancakes, Amsterdam - opposite Central Station, I wanted to go here as soon as I saw it and it was delicious, I had a goats cheese crepe, amazing! 

Manneken Pis Amsterdam, their version of fast food is chips and mayo, you can't go wrong.

There is also loads of cake shops that you don't need to be told where to go, they are all amazing, especially if you have a sweet tooth, you just walk past them with their cakes piled high in the windows.

For the time being, they are my tips for Amsterdam until I go again and fall more in love with the city (& I can't wait!) If you have any more tips then feel free to post them below I would love some more advice.

My only last piece of advice is take loads of photos, you can't really help it, because the whole city is unbelievably photogenic!

Thankyou for reading,

love, Beth xxx

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